DFWSEM offers three options for paying sponsorship invoices.

Instructions for each are detailed below.

For your tax records our W-9 can be downloaded here.


Payable to:

DFWSEM Association

13155 Noel Road, Suite 982

Dallas, TX 75240

Credit Card

We can send you an electronic invoice from either PayPal or Square.

Electronic Funds Transfer

This is the most cost-efficient payment method for DFWSEM since no processing fees are charged by the bank. That means every cent of your sponsorship support makes it to the organization.

We will issue an electronic invoice via Chase QuickPay. You will receive an email from Chase bank with a link to access the Chase system, where you will enter your bank account information. This works regardless of who you bank with. After a couple of verification steps funds will be transferred electronically. Your first transfer will take a couple of days. Any subsequent payments are quick and easy. Complete the form below and we will initiate this option.