Sponsoring State of Search by DFWSEM helps you put your brand and products in front of the ever-growing membership of the world’s longest running professional association for digital marketers.

We’re super proud to sing the praises of our State of Search by DFWSEM members. Y’all should know they include some of the smartest, most experienced and best respected digital and search engine marketers in the world – and some of the best known and most powerful digital marketing agencies out there too. All in one place, all at one time, all primed to learn and discover what’s happening at the cutting edge, every single month.

Global Reach

Whether you’re based in the US, or in the farthest corner of the world, becoming a State of Search by DFWSEM sponsor gives you ongoing opportunities to meet and interact with our super-engaged audience. But beyond that, our social media stream carries your brand far beyond State of Search by DFWSEM membership, every single month.

Schedule and Format

  • 10 mind-blowing monthly meeting events featuring carefully chosen “rockstar” speakers networking.
  • Annual State of Search digital marketing conference with discounted tickets for State of Search by DFWSEM members.
  • Monthly email newsletter updates to ~1600 list members

Past Sponsors

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