For all State of Search by DFWSEM events we use Eventbrite for registration.

State of Search by DFWSEM members attend our monthly events for FREE.

Occasionally we get an email from a member who can’t figure out how to enter the Discount Code. It’s one of those things that is hidden in plain site.

How a DFWSEM member can enter their Discount Code in Eventbrite so they can register for a DFWSEM monthly event for FREE

In the upper left corner of the Eventbrite section click the Enter Promotional Code link.

Enter Eventbrite Discount Code so DFWSEM members can attend monthly events for FREE

Enter your custom Discount Code in the Enter Code box and click Apply Code.

The cost of a DFWSEM monthly event will be zeroed out when a member enters a valid Discount Code.

The cost of the event will be zeroed out. You can then click Order Now and follow the normal Eventbrite checkout process.