DFWSEM Board Positions
The following outlines the Officer positions within the board of directors and their respective roles and responsibilities. Officers are elected annually by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

All Officer positions outlined are based on the following conditions:

  1. Officers serve for a 12-month term and are elected by a majority vote of all members of the Board Of Directors (BOD), either in person or via proxy, at the annual meeting for the election of officers.
  2. An Officer may be removed prior to the expiration of their term with a 2/3 vote by all members of the BOD, either in person or via proxy.
  3. Upon the expiration of the Officer’s term, all material held by the Officer will be transferred within 30 days of expiration to the replacement for the officer’s position.

Chairman of the Board
The Chairman is responsible for:

  1. Fiduciary compliance of the organization including auditing and review of the financials and the filing of all tax returns and other documents required by government authorities.
  2. Organizing the monthly meetings of the board of directors (BOD) to ensure quorum.
  3. Compliance and adherence to the by-laws of the organization.
  4. Facilitate the appointment and/or election of BOD members, based on the terms of the by-laws.
  5. Counter-signer, as needed, for financial instruments.
  6. Obtaining and enforcement of all insurance policies required by the organization.

Vice Chairman
While honorary in nature, the Vice Chairman is responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Chairman in the event the Chairman is unable or unavailable to fulfill their duties as defined.

The Treasurer is responsible for the accounting, collection and payment of all financial matters related to the operation of the organization. The duties include:

  1. Monthly financial reports presented to the board detailing all financial transactions of the organization, including monthly bank account reconciliation and Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable reporting.
  2. Counter-signature on all checks or other financial instruments.
  3. Assist in the preparation of all tax returns.

The Treasurer is restricted to serving only two (2) consecutive terms within this position and may only be re-elected to the Treasurer position on the anniversary of their previous term as Treasurer.

The Secretary is responsible for:

  1. The recording of all BOD meeting minutes on a monthly basis – presented to the BOD in the following month either electronically or in-person.
  2. Storage and safe-keeping of all corporate books and by-laws and other organizational documents.

The President is responsible for the operation of the organization whose duties include:

  1. Organization and management of all events and communications for the organization.
  2. Promoting and growing the organization based on the goals of the BOD.
  3. Facilitate the proper accounting, collection and payment of all financial obligations for the organization.
  4. Counter-signer to all financial instruments along with the Treasurer. In the event the President or Treasurer is not available, then the Chairman may sign as the co-signer.
  5. Storage and maintenance of all equipment and other assets of the organization.
  6. Facilitate and respond to requests from current or prospective members related to the operation of the club.
  7. Facilitate and respond to all sponsor requests for the organization.
  8. The recruitment of volunteers and assistance in the assignment to appropriate committees.
  9. The creation of supporting volunteer committees that assist the President in the responsibilities listed.

Vice President – Communications
The Vice President of Communications is responsible for:

  1. 1. Organizing, facilitating and executing on all communications related to the activities of the organization including:
    Regular website updates and maintenance.
    The storage, security and sending of all email communications.
    The updating and maintenance of the social media accounts for the organization including Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    The updating and maintenance of the textmarks.com account for SMS sending.
    The management of the member portal at memberlodge.org.
  2. The creation and organization of all marketing messages for up-coming events.
  3. The creation, recruitment and management of volunteers to participate and assist in the execution of the duties listed.

Vice President – Programming
The Vice President of Programming is responsible for the organization and management of all events for the organization, with duties including:

  1. The creation and scheduling of all events for the organization including monthly meetings and any co-sponsored events with other organizations, including:
    Recruitment of speakers and facilitate their speaking needs.
    Organization and management of all meetings including signup and registration, meeting rooms and accommodations, A/V needs, and food and beverage requests for the members.
  2. Coordinate and assist the VP of Communications in the promotion of all events including:
    Meeting details and topics
    Speaker bios and other related material
  3. The promotion and collection and analysis of all speaker feedback forms for presentation at the monthly BOD meeting.
  4. Assistance and facilitation of the needs of event sponsors.
  5. The creation, recruitment and management of volunteers to participate and assist in the execution of the duties listed.

Vice President – Membership

This role facilitates the growth of the organization through the retention and increase of membership, with duties including:

  1. Actively promoting and soliciting prospective members to join the organization.
  2. The creation and distribution of marketing literature to encourage membership and retain existing members.
  3. Monthly reporting to the BOD on membership statistics include gains and losses.
  4. Assist the Treasurer in obtaining lists of members due for renewal and contacting/communicating with renewing members as needed.
  5. The creation and execution of tactics to increase/retain members.
  6. Coordination and communication with other Vice Presidents on events and communications that facilitate membership goals.
  7. Management and maintenance of the memberlodge.org account for the organization.
  8. Establishing and achieving clear membership goals for their term in office.


Position assumes all duties to maintaining the DFWSEM.org webiste

General Board Member Duties
All board members that are not officers of the organization are required to assist and support the duties and responsibilities of each officer. This effort includes:

  • actively volunteering on committees formed by the officers,
  • assistance and support at events and in the promotion of events,
  • contributing advice and expertise to the officers as requested,
  • fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities of the organization.