At our 2015 Strategy Session the DFWSEM Board, now known as State of Search by DFWSEM, named its roster of ambassadors for the coming year.

Our ambassadors are people we respect. They are chosen because we value their opinions and rely on them to tell us how State of Search by DFWSEM is doing. Are we living our core values? Are we meeting the needs of our members? Are we serving our industry? What can we do better?

As ambassadors these people contribute further to the organization by telling people about State of Search by DFWSEM, helping us to connect with other people in the industry, advocating for us in other communities, at networking events, and in social media.

This group is comprised of former State of Search by DFWSEM presidents, board members, and other persons of influence in our community. We are pleased to introduce our ambassadors. Be sure to make them welcome.


Past Presidents
Brian Medina – Chairman
Dan Sturdivant
Mark Barrera
Sean Jackson
Rob Garner
Tony Wright

Churchill Award Recipients
Christine Churchill
Greg Gifford

Significant Contributors
Jim Gilbert
Sha Menz
Ruth Burr Reedy


Mark Barrera – Director of Search, LIN Digital
Christine Churchill – President, KeyRelevance
Rob Garner – Adjunct Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
Sean Jackson – CFO, Copyblogger Media
Sha Menz – Lead Software Architect, rmoov
Ruth Burr Reedy – SEO Manager, BigWing Interactive
Tony Wright – CEO, WrightIMC