Rocket your business to the top of the heap

It’s not all fun and games at DFWSEM events, but we do our best to bring you the most outstanding Digital Marketing information from the best speakers, and wrap it all up as good ol’ fashioned Texas “edutainment”.

DFWSEM likes to have a good time (we’re the people behind State of Search, after all!) but when it comes to our sponsors we’re super serious. Why? Because they’re awesome. Awesome as a rocket unicorn delivering pizza.

We like to take care of our sponsors, y’all – because they help us do what we do. And in return, we help promote them, their businesses, and their inherent kickbuttness.

Want to get in on all this love and support? You’re in luck.


  • Featured at one monthly DFWSEM event — Up to 10 minutes to provide company overview, demo a product, or just show off your sweet dance moves
  • Logo and link on DFWSEM website for 365 days
  • Logo on monthly event splash screen for 10 monthly events
  • Logo and mention in emails leading up to your featured month
  • Social media mentions when you’re featured in the monthly event
  • Retargeting pixel on — so you can tell our site visitors how you can make their lives rich and full
  • State of Search Tickets on a payment plan
  • Annual membership for your company to DFWSEM

Pick Your Plan


  • 6 employees at each DFWSEM monthly event for FREE
  • 6 State of Search Tickets
  • $300/month for 12 months

Small Business

  • 3 employees at each DFWSEM monthly event for FREE
  • 3 State of Search Tickets
  • $150/month for 12 months

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