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Our Next Event: Beyond Marketing: Data, Decision Making, and the Future of Search

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Speaker: Matt Wallaert


6:00 - Registration
7:00 - Presentation
8:00 - Networking

NOAH'S Event Center
2251 N Greenville Ave
Richardson, TX 75082

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A veteran of more than 100 speaking appearances, he is perhaps best remembered for his appearance at TEDxUtrecht

A veteran of more than 100 speaking appearances, Matt Wallaert is perhaps best remembered for his appearance at TEDxUtrecht where he explored the concept of “motivating to do work worth doing”

BREAKING NEWS: April 18 is “Boot Night” at DFWSEM (see below)

As Search engine marketers we are trained to think of the funnel and moving people from clicks to actions. But what happens in a world where AI and ML make the idea of clicking less prevalent? At this month’s DFWSEM meeting, Behavioral scientist Matt Wallaert will help us better understand the changing face of web-based interactions and how the science of user experience and behavior is affected.

Be prepared to see your relationship with your site visitors in a completely new way as Matt talks about the value of exposing data a user will never see, the growing problem of decision overload, and how technology is changing the way we choose.

If you’re thinking you may not be ready for the depth of content offered in Matt’s presentation, think again. As he leads us into this exciting new world where technology is shaped to provide more fulfilling and pleasurable experiences for users, Matt will show you how to develop a basic mental model of decision making.

Next, he uncovers the key to creating user experiences that will touch your users as he helps us understand the connection between non-user data and decision making Artificial Intelligence. Whether your business is simple or complex, your product offering is small or extensive, understanding how to shape user behavior for greater benefit will open your eyes to a world of new possibilities for your business.

Understanding is one thing, taking action to make the most of new opportunities is another. This is where Matt brings everything together to send you back to the office with a new approach to optimizing your website content for a Metalanguage-to-AI world.

We are so excited to have Matt bring this cutting edge presentation to our members at DFWSEM. This is the kind of content that will put you out in front of your non-DFWSEM industry peers. If you want to be ahead of the game, Register now to see Matt Wallaert in April.

Don’t come alone. We want you to share this rare opportunity with as many of your colleagues and friends as possible. Non-members attending DFWSEM for the first time can register for free with the code lessclicks. We hope everyone will take up this opportunity to hear Matt speak in Dallas.

Register now to secure your ticket and join us at NOAH’S Event Center on April 8th. Meet and Greet starts with check-in and a free drink ticket at 6.00pm. Be sure to join us after the presentation for networking, light supper and another free drink!

Matt Wallaert

Matt Wallaert is a behavioral scientist working at the intersection of technology and human behavior. After several years in academia and two successful startup exits, he joined Microsoft, where he works across a variety of products and projects to design technology that helps people live happier, healthier lives.

Best known at Microsoft for creating the Bing in the Classroom program, Matt’s vision has helped over 7 million kids to make digital literacy a daily part of their education. He maintains an active research lab and is a frequent speaker on the science of behavioral change.

Externally, Matt sits on the board of a variety of startups and non-profits, and cultivates pro-social side projects like GetRaised.com, which has helped underpaid women ask for and earn millions of dollars in salary increases.

Matt Wallaert is a man you want to listen to purely for the chance to understand what inspires and motivates someone to make the kind of contributions he is making every day. Add to that the opportunity to learn from his expertise and experience and you absolutely cannot miss his appearance at DFWSEM!

BREAK OUT YOUR BOOTS: We need your help to make Matt Wallaert welcome in Dallas. Matt loves his cowboy boots and we all know some of the best boots on the planet can be found in Dallas Fort Worth. This being the case, there’s only one thing to do: we’re declaring April 18th “Boot Night” at DFWSEM! We want to see you in your best boots (spurs totally optional). So break out those boots and be in the running to win prizes on the night.

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